The Orca, predator of the shark

Defend Against Blockchain Censorship

Why OrcaPool?

Crypto-currency mining pools with a predatory nature have started to immerge. These dishonest mining pools plan to illegally attack altcoin blockchains using hashpower in attempts of destroying the target network. The purpose being to bolster their preferred chain, at the cost of millions of dollars in investors money. A price they are willing others to pay for them.

OrcaPool believes that all altcoins, forks, and splits, should be able to compete in the free market without interference. The coins that win in the end should be the coin that provides the most value, to the most people.

This is why we created OrcaPool. In the event of an organized attack, OrcaPool miners will mine the altcoin chain needing defense and sell the rewards for Bitcoin.

Shark Watch


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